3D Archery Event Days

August Schedule - NEW FORMAT

8:00 am Registration Opens
8:30 am 3D Archery Course Opens
11:00 am Last group goes out on 3D Archery Course
1:00 pm 3D Archery Course Closes - Competition winners announced
1:00 pm Team Shoot 1 Begins
3:00 pm Team Shoot 2 Begins
5:00 pm Iron Buck Begins
5:45 pm Concession closes


Competition Shoot Classes

If you have obtained a competition sticker for your score card prior to heading out on the course, you may compete for prizes. 

Classes are as follows:

  1. Open – All compound bows – shoot from pink stake
  2. Traditional – Adult recurve bows – shoot from green stake
  3. Cub 1 (under 13) – childrens class, all bows – shoot from yellow stake
  4. Cub 2 (13 – 16yrs) – childrens class, all bows – shoot from yellow stake

Fun Shoot Classes

All fun shoot classes are a recommendation only.  If you are not competing for prizes, the 3D Archery Course is a fun shoot, so you are free to shoot from the stake you feel comfortable from, or move even closer if you would like to.

What is the Open Class?

  • Stabilizers over 12" in length
  • Sights with a lens or magnification
  • Same for Men's and Women's Open classes
  • Max Yardage: 50 yards +/- 10%
  • Anyone looking for a challenge

What is the Hunter Class?

  • Stabilizers 12" or less
  • Fixed pin sights or adjustable pin sights with NO lens or magnification
  • Same for both Men's and Women's Hunter class.
  • Max Yardage: 40 yards +/- 10%

What is the Traditional Class?

  • No sights
  • No stabilizers
  • Recurve or longbow
  • Compounds with no sights or stabilizers may shoot in this class
  • Same for both men & women
  • Max Yardage: 25 yards +/- 10%

What is the Cub Class?

  • Age 16 and under
  • Any bow of your choice
  • Max Yardage: 25 yards +/- 10%


General Questions

When does Online Registration Close?

Registration for the 3D Archery Course and the Team Shoots closes at 8 pm (EST) the Friday before the event.  If registration is not full, we may accept walk-on shooters the day of the event, prior to 11:00am.

What is the 3D Archery Course?

This is a 20 target course that follows a trail past ponds, through the woods, up hills and over valleys.  It is a rotating start, so you start at station 1 and progress through the course in order.  Cost is $20 per Adult, and $15 per Cub (child under 16) but Cubs must be accompanied by at least 1 Adult.  Check out the promo video here.  Register here.

What is the Team Shoot?

The Team Shoot is a 2 man scramble money shoot featuring animals from the 3D Archery Course. It is 10 targets with scoring as 14,11,10,8,5. Each team shoots one arrow per person at each target. Your team will drop your lower-scoring arrow and keep the higher scoring arrow. All targets will be unknown distance and no rangefinders will be allowed. Max distance will be capped at 60 yards. The cost is $10 per person ($20 per team). The winning team takes 50% of the pot. There will be a morning and an afternoon Team Shoot.  Register for the Team Shoots here.

What is the Iron Buck?

The Iron Buck Competition is an individual money shoot where participants try their luck at shooting at a dinner plate sized hole in a solid iron target, shaped like an adult buck deer.  Everyone takes a shot, and those that were successful in hitting the hole advance to the next round, where everyone backs up 10 yards.  This process repeats until we have 1 surviving champion, who wins 50% of the money.  There will be a morning and an afternoon Iron Buck event.  Registration is open and done on-site for this event, and is $10 with the option to buy back in to the event after your first miss for an additional $10. 

How can I get directions to the event?

Click here for the google map to the club.

Can I shoot broadheads?

No.  Field tips only please.

How many targets are there?

There are 20 different targets on the 3D Archery Course, the Team Shoot consists of 10 targets, the Iron Buck is one target.

Can I shoot both of the Team Shoot events?

Absolutely, you can shoot as many events as you feel comfortable doing, they are all spaced out so that none of them overlap.  Be sure to pre-register for the 3D Archery Course as well as the Team Shoots though.  You can register for the Iron Buck at the event.

Are crossbows allowed?

Yes. Crossbows do not currently have a dedicated class, however we require that your bow be under 350fps.  If you are unsure about your bow, contact us and ask. 


Are non-shooters allowed to walk the course?

Yes. This is a family-friendly event. As long as non-shooters remain on the path.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please let us know if you are bringing a guest when you register.  Guests are free of charge but we need to know how many people will be on the course at any given time. 


Are range finders and binoculars allowed?

Range finders and binoculars are allowed on the 3D Archery Course, but not for the Team Shoots.


How many arrows do we shoot per target?

You shoot 1 arrow per target. 


What is the scoring at the 3D Archery Course?

The 3D Archery Course uses IBO scoring and it is as follows. 11,10,8,5. Score cards are provided when you check in at registration.


What time does the event start?

The 3D Archery Day starts at 8:30 am. Refer to the info sheet that was emailed to you when you registered for the details and to confirm start time.